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XenMobile Newsletter #3
Published by Jens Trendelkamp on 10/20/2014 | 0 Comments | 148 Views

Hallo Zusammen,

heute wird Apple iOS in Version 8.1 veröffentlichen. XenMobile in den Versionen 8.7, 9.0, 9.0.1 sowie 9.0.2 unterstützen iOS 8.1, ohne weitere Updates oder Patches.

Des Weiteren hat Citrix neue Versionen der Client Komponenten für Windows Phone 8.1. sowie einen Patch für den Device Manager veröffentlicht. Mit diesen erweitert Citrix die Funktionalität um folgende Punkte:

-              Certificate based Authentication

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Multiple WorxMail Instances
Published by Jens Trendelkamp on 10/16/2014 | 0 Comments | 135 Views

There are several circumstances where you want to offer Multiple WorxMail Instances with preconfigured Application Settings. For example a WorxMail Version for your Microsoft Exchange Users and another Version for your Lotus Notes Users. If you just import a second Version of WorxMail in your AppController and only changing the Application Name you will experience some problems. With this hack you will be able to offer your Users preconfigured Multiple WorxMail Instances. But it is still not possible to use both Versions of this App on the same Device at the same Time.

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Automated Application Wrapping
Published by Jens Trendelkamp on 10/14/2014 | 0 Comments | 220 Views

If you are deploying and/or managing Citrix XenMobile Environments one small part of work you have to deal with is the Application Wrapping. If you do have to do this often because of new Application Versions or you have to wrap the Applications for multiple Customers you will be quite quickly annoyed by the Citrix MDX Toolkit GUI. Because of that (and because the GUI does not work on virtualized Macs running on Windows. Why does the GUI need OpenGL?! WindowServer: _CGXGLDisplayContextForDisplayDevice: No matching context for device – disabling OpenGL) i started to use to MDX Toolkit CLI.

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Hamburg: Citrix Solution Seminar 2014
Published by Johanna Hovestaedt on 09/03/2014 | 0 Comments | 991 Views

Besser arbeiten - an jedem Ort und mit jedem Endgerät:
Neue Citrix-Lösungen für die Applikations- und Desktop-Virtualisierung

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SSL Offloading / Content Switching with Citrix NetScaler and PRTG Network Monitor
Published by Jens Trendelkamp on 08/31/2014 | 0 Comments | 1,218 Views

A quick one. I tried to publish the PRTG Webinterface through a NetScaler using SSL Offload and Content Switching. While testing my setup with a Webbrowser it all seemed to worked fine. But as I tried the iOS Application from Paessler I run into the following problem.

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How to change/modify Android WorxApp Icons
Published by Jens Trendelkamp on 08/26/2014 | 0 Comments | 734 Views

Last week I explained how to modify WorxApp Icons on iOS Devices. This time I want to show you how to do this for the Android Apps since the necessary steps are slightly different.

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How to configure ShareFile Outlook Plugin for separate user groups on XenApp Servers
Published by Carsten Bruns on 08/18/2014 | 0 Comments | 1,121 Views

Some of you know about the ShareFile Outlook Plugin. A really cool Plugin for Outlook to send and receive file directly from Outlook. A customer asked me if it is possible to configure the Plugin for a separate group of user. He wants to use the Plugin for a group of key users on terminal servers.

The following Step-by-step guide will help you to configure your ShareFile Outlook Plugin (OLP) by using a group policy object for one or more specific groups. It can be used for XenApp Servers or Client PCs. In my case, I’ve configured it for XenApp Servers.

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How to change/modify iOS WorxApp Icons
Published by Jens Trendelkamp on 08/18/2014 | 0 Comments | 625 Views

I was asked how to modify the WorxApp Icons to match the Cooperate Identity Policy. To accomplish this you will need a Mac with XCode installed, an Image Editor like Gimp and of course the .ipa file you want to modify.

Let´s start with extracting the icons from the .ipa file. If you do this by simply extracting the images from the .ipa file you will get the following error in Gimp and similar Programs.

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How to configure max login attempts for the WorxPIN
Published by Carsten Bruns on 08/14/2014 | 0 Comments | 1,219 Views

Most of you know about the WorxPIN. You can use it to protect the AD credentials of the Worx-Users and to get a better user experience. As you know you can configure it in the “Support Options” on your XenMobile AppController.

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How to deploy WorxMail and WorxWeb for Windows Phone 8.1
Published by Jens Trendelkamp on 07/25/2014 | 0 Comments | 2,426 Views

While upgrading our sepago XenMobile Environment to support WorxMail and WorxWeb for Windows Phone 8.1 i thought to write a blog post about this since its not easy to find all needed informations.

Let´s start with the prerequisites.

- You will need a Microsoft Developer Account. Register here

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