Freeware SID2Username Tool

SID2Username is a tiny tool for determining textual the SID from a given username and vice versa.
With its implemented features to monitor the clipboard and automatically translate the input, it is extremely helpful for administrators.

Freeware XmlServiceExplorer Tool

This tool offers a graphical user interface to build requests to be sent to the XML service. The response is displayed for inspection. Thus, the XmlServiceExplorer allows administrators to debug how the XML service works and what kind of information is passed to Web Interface.

Freeware rdt2 and sdt2 Tool

rdt2 and sdt2 are the successors to Microsoft's well known sdt and rdt tools to read and set the date of shadow keys on a terminal server. Both new versions support 64 bit architecture and contain other improvements as well. Both tools are free to use 32 bit executables with no extra requirements.

Freeware ParseCitrixLicense Tool

ParseCitrixLicense displays the data stored in Citrix license files in a format easily readable by humans.Most Citrix products rely heavily on license files. While the basic format of a license file is somewhat documented, most fields used in license files are not. This makes understanding their contents difficult. It does not help that the license files can hardly be called readable with most of the relevant data in one long line.

Freeware Start64 Tool

Start64 enables the execution of 64-bit tools from the original %SystemRoot%\System32. This directory is not accessible for 32-bit processes due to WoW64.

Freeware XmlServiceDigger Tool

The XmlServiceDigger sends several requests to the specified XML service querying information about the farm, its servers and applications. The data gathered in this process is displayed to demonstrate the amount of data disclosed by the XML service. All requests and responses exchanged are logged and can be accessed in a separate window.

Profile Migrator

Profile Migrator by sepago is the powerful tool for a centrally controlled migration of individual user settings on desktops and servers: For Windows-based applications and operating systems, all relevant settings can be selected and transferred as required. Profile Migrator can be used for practically all current migration scenarios, as long as the origin system is not older than Windows XP or Windows Server 2003. Version upgrades of common applications such as MS Office, Outlook, Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer or Adobe Acrobat are also supported.

Freeware Profile Nurse Tool

Profile Nurse is a powerful tool for windows profile maintenance. It offers virtually every possible registry and file system operation to perform on an arbitrary set of profiles. The automatic processing on these profiles combined with configurable and save/restorable action sequences takes a lot of work from administrators and can help in single or recurring tasks.

Freeware adm2html Tool

is a command line tool that reads the information contained in an ADM template file and generates a corresponding HTML document with variable sorting criteria.At sepago we needed to create documentation of the settings that can be influenced with the ADM template file used for Citrix’s User Profile Manager (UPM). Because of the structure of ADM template files, to do so by hand would require a lot of copying and pasting which gets tedious very fast.

Freeware Citrix User Profile Manager Migration Tool

The release version of Citrix User Profile Manager profiles has a different structure in comparison to the previously published tech preview and sepagoPROFILE. The UPM Migration tool offers a simple way to migrate an arbitrary number of profiles to the profile structure of the UPM release version.

Freeware DesktopRefresh Tool

DesktopRefresh refreshes the Desktop without any manual intervention. If you have the requirement to refresh the Windows desktop after certain changes had been made to Explorer’s registry entries: This seems simple at first: klick on any item on the desktop and then press F5. It wasn’t, though. The registry changes would be made upon logon by a software installation agent.

Freeware DiskLED Tool

DiskLED is a flexible hard disk and general system activity indicator system tray applet. What do you do when your computer reacts sluggishly to even the simplest commands? You probably look at its hard disk LED to determine if the disk is busy, because if it is, the only thing that really helps is waiting (apart from buying a faster disk or SSD).

Freeware ListRegistryLinks Tool

ListRegistryLinks searches the registry for links of the type REG_LINK. Any links found will be printed out along with their respective targets. The tool is available both as 32-bit and 64-bit versions.



"Mit Hilfe der sepago GmbH wurde eine weitgehende Automatisierung der Citrix-Umgebung erfolgreich umgesetzt."

Sascha B., Referent Systembereitstellung Infrastruktur-Server IT.NRW


"Wir sehen uns in einem Wandel zu einem umfassenden Dienstleister für den Gesundheitsbereich. Deshalb benötigen wir eine flexible und sichere IT-Infrastruktur mit zentraler Datenhaltung."

Stephan Bühring, Geschäftsführer GKVI

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