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Pains When Using VMM on Top of vCenter
Nicholas Dille, 04/14/2014 | 0 Comments | 354 Views

After I had set up VMM with a vCenter server and ESX hosts, I started creating VMs, hardware profiles, templates and noticed several glitches that proove that Microsoft apparently supports a bare minimum with regard to vCenter. I have collected the pains I hve gone through to let you suffer with me Zwinkerndes Smiley

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How to Manage ESX Hosts with VMM 2012 R2
Nicholas Dille, 04/11/2014 | 0 Comments | 769 Views

Although Microsoft offers a step-by-step guide for setting up System Center Virtual Machine Manager with VMware vCenter, I found it to be missing details. Therefore, I have created an illustrated guide for integrating vCenter and ESX hosts into VMM.

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Sicherer Umgang mit Passwörtern und Credentials
Thomas Franke, 04/06/2014 | 0 Comments | 264 Views

Dieser Post basiert auf dem Artikel “Ganz vertraulich - Sicherer Umgang mit Passwörtern in der PowerShell”, den ich für das Magazin “IT-Administrator” geschrieben habe und der in der Ausgabe Februar 2014 abgedruckt wurde.

Wer unter Windows Vorgänge automatisieren will, verwendet heute meist die PowerShell. Nutzer sind dabei nicht auf die Verwaltung von Microsoft-Produkten beschränkt. Viele andere Hersteller bieten PowerShell-Schnittstellen für ihre Produkte an, etwa VMware oder Citrix. Spätestens beim Zugriff auf Remote-Systeme müssen dabei Credentials übergeben werden. Leider gibt es immer noch viele Skripte, die Passwörter im Klartext enthalten. Das ist nicht nur äußerst unsicher, sondern auch völlig unnötig, denn die PowerShell bringt bereits eine Alternative mit: das PSCredential-Objekt.

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Second Edition of our Book about Hyper-V and System Center
Nicholas Dille, 03/31/2014 | 1 Comments | 997 Views

When the first edition of our German book was published, it was solely focussed on Windows Server 2012 but at the same time Windows Server 2012 R2 was getting close to its RTM date. Therefore we decided to update the book with new content. In the second edition, we added over 100 pages of in-depth information about Windows Server 2012 R2.

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PowerShell: Scripting HP iLO Part 2
Thomas Franke, 02/22/2014 | 0 Comments | 862 Views

I've been working on scripts for HP iLO boards only for a few weeks. But my effort already paid back in numerous situations. iLO discovery, mass reading or changing configurations, reports on server hardware or MAC addresses - I  find new tasks nearly every day and can handle apparently complex customer requests very quickly.

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PowerShell: Scripting HP iLO Part 1
Thomas Franke, 02/06/2014 | 0 Comments | 1,525 Views

I always liked HP servers. Compared to other vendors, hardware, software and management are somehow more sophisticated. This makes life much easier which in my opinion justifies the existing price difference. My actual customer just bought a lot of Proliant DL 360p and 380p Gen8 servers. One of my workmates had the idea of scripting the iLO configuration.

Thank you Ralf! Smiley

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PowerShell: Creating HTML reports
Thomas Franke, 01/20/2014 | 0 Comments | 1,044 Views

When I work with the PowerShell I often need to generate reports to display data. I prefer using HTML reports because they are very easy to create. And we don't need any additional software because a browser is available on almost every system.

Before we can start creating reports we need some test data. Any PowerShell object will do. I chose to use a list of running Windows processes on my pc for that:

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PowerShell: Including Scripts, Functions and Modules
Thomas Franke, 12/23/2013 | 0 Comments | 1,397 Views

This post is about including PowerShell scripts, functions and modules to the active session or to another script. First we need a simple script that we will save as Hello-World.ps1.

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Create lists of GPO settings with Powershell
Clemens Geiler, 12/17/2013 | 2 Comments | 3,977 Views

The other day I had to finish off the documentation for a XenApp 6.5 Implementation I did a couple of months back for one of our customers.  Of course group policies are a configuration item, I wanted to have in that document.
What I did not want was the default format that the Group Policy Management Console offers in its HTML Reports of GPO settings.
What else could I do?
Of course there is the option to create an XML export with the Group policy module imported into PowerShell.

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Useful Features in Remote Desktop Services for Cloud-Based Labs
Nicholas Dille, 12/13/2013 | 0 Comments | 3,229 Views

I have recently blogged about the cloud-based lab which I have been using for more than a year now. It is a single, dedicated server running all my virtual machines. With the update to Windows Server 2012 R2, I decided to utilize more features of Remote Desktop Services. Because my virtual machines are located on virtual networks on the hypervisor, I cannot access them directly from the outside. Therefore, I have always used the server as the first hop before working on the VMs. Although I am using remote management whereever possible, I still need to RDP into VMs regularly. I have now implemented the following features to make my life easier.

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