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How to execute ConfigMgr 2012 Task Sequence from Powershell

Execution of a ConfigMgr task sequence from Powershell

This little script or function I wrote because I saw a question on the german TechNet forums about it.

An user asked if it was possible to execute a Task Sequence from a script (Powershell in this case). There are some VBS around, but as I’m not too fluent in VBS and I like writing Powershell I thought, why not?!

I did come across some customers running Task Sequence after Task Sequence.

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How to sync the Software Update Point (ConfigMgr) via Powershell

Here is another short script you can use on your way to automate every task in your ConfigMgr environment.

Syncing the SUP in ConfigMgr 2012

Synchronizing the Software Update Point in a ConfigMgr environment can happen in two ways – automatically or manually.

This can be configured in your site component’s configuration:

In there you can configure the SUP to synchronize on a schedule or not. If you don’t use a schedule,

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Microsoft Configuration Manager 2012 and Powershell–Part 2

Just wanted to keep you up-to-date regarding my task to automatically build a folder-collection structure in a customer’s Configuration Manager 2012 environment. (see also article )

Create Configuration Manager device collections

We already know how to create folders underneath the collections node. Now we need to create the collections our clients will one day be members of.
This isn’t too hard a task, so here’s my script:

You all know that we’ve got “Limiting collections” now in Configuration Manager 2012,

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Create Folders in Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2012 via Powershell

Just a short article today…

I’m in the middle of a Configuration Manager implementation at a customer’s site and facing the problem of creating lots of folders and collections in those folders.

As you all might know Microsoft got rid of the “subcollections” and gave us collection folders to arrange our collections.

My customer needs round about 150 folders and I am a lazy admin. What does a lazy admin do?

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Microsoft ConfigMgr 2012 – Client Log Files

A lot of things changed with the coming of ConfigMgr2012 (for now it’s in the state of RC1). Loads of people already wrote articles about what cool new features and goodies came with ConfigMgr2012, I instead want to have a closer look on troubleshooting, as I am in the middle of a RC1 deployment at a customer’s site.

Log Files

If you’ve already worked with System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2007,