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Azure Global Bootcamp 2017

On April 22 the annual Azure Boot Camp event took place worldwide. I was happy to be a part of this important event in 2017. I decided to talk about one of my favorite Azure technologies: Azure OMS Log Analytics. I held my presentation in Lingen in a very pleasant atmosphere at it.emsland. At this point: Thanks to @sql_williamd for the organization 🙂

My topic was “Azure OMS Log Analytics – Big-data-as-a-Service” and the presentation focused on Log Analytics. Since I like showing some “live” stuff, I had prepared some live demos:

  • Creating an OMS Log Analytics Workspace
    • Grabbing the data for custom log agents
  • Hands-on: Protocol search
    • Filtering and aggregation of data, displaying charts, etc.
  • Use of a custom agent to stream twitter tweets directly to an OMS workspace
    • PowerShell script for a demo
    • C# web job for a permanent stream
    • Analysis of tweets: Words, regular expressions, aggregation, geo information, …
  • Building custom tiles and views for this experiment
  • Sending data from an ESP8266 IoT device (temperature and humidity) directly to a workspace
    • T/H charts, custom tiles and views: Video
  • Showing parts of my free custom agent for Citrix and RDS sites (http://LogAnalytics.sepago.com)

I have placed a pdf of my session here (sorry: only available in German until now): https://sepago.sharefile.com/d-s200a3fcddd7486e9

Here some impressions: