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Freeware SID2Username Tool

SID2Username is a tiny tool for determining textual the SID from a given username and vice versa.
With its implemented features to monitor the clipboard and automatically translate the input, it is extremely helpful for administrators.

SID2Username converts user names to textual SIDs and vice versa. Resolved user names are displayed as <domain>\\<username> and textual SIDs appear in the well-known <S-1-2-3-4567890> format.
The corresponding information can be obtained for local users and users belonging to the currently logged on domain.
If auto mode is activated user input is converted on the fly. To simplify the handling even more, the windows clipboard can be monitored permanently (clipboard mode). If this is activated and the user copies textual data into the clipboard, SID2Username will automatically read the data and convert it, if possible. Resolving SIDs found in the registry without delay was never easier.

A shockwave video is available and shows you in a quick demonstration how SID2Username works. You can find it in the second tab at the top of the page, or here

For this tool no administrative rights are required.
SID2Username is written in C# and uses .NET Framework 2.0.
If .NET Framework 2.0 is installed on your computer, no setup is required.
You can download .NET framework here.