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Deploy an Azure Functional App as an interface to Log Analytics / Azure Monitor

Deploy an Azure Functional App as an interface to Log Analytics / Azure Monitor


Microsoft offers with Log Analytics a cloud-based big data service. Log Analytics is used by several services (including Azure itself) to log and analyze data. It’s a core component of Azure Monitor and Application Insights.

Log Analytics key facts:

  •  Cloud-based
  • No data aggregation
  • Pay per upload and data retention
  • Powerful query language (kql: <https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/kusto/>)
  • Direct support for visualization on portal.azure.com

I use Log Analytics for several projects where data aggregation and analyzation are main tasks.

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Azure Global Bootcamp 2017

On April 22 the annual Azure Boot Camp event took place worldwide. I was happy to be a part of this important event in 2017. I decided to talk about one of my favorite Azure technologies: Azure OMS Log Analytics. I held my presentation in Lingen in a very pleasant atmosphere at it.emsland. At this point: Thanks to @sql_williamd for the organization 🙂

My topic was “Azure OMS Log Analytics – Big-data-as-a-Service” and the presentation focused on Log Analytics.

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Webinar: Full control of the cloud with Azure Operations Management Suite and Log Analytics – security, performance and scalability of solutions

On February 1st I had the chance to give a webinar focused on Azure OMS Log Analytics. Log Analytics is Microsoft’s big-data solution in Azure.

This is the introduction:

OMS log Analytics is „the“ big-data solution by Microsoft in the Azure cloud. The OMS agent uses log Analytics as the storage for the metrics and data of the monitored infrastructures and solutions. The analytics engine enables administrators to evaluate the collected data with predefined and customized dashboards.