sepago Azure Monitor for WVD
Optimize the performance of your Windows Virtual Desktop Environment

Application areas of sepago Azure Monitor for WVD

What is sepago Azure Monitor Agent for Windows Virtual Desktop Sites?

The Agent for Azure Monitor is a powerful monitoring and analysis tool from sepago that automates key metrics of Microsoft or Citrix based remote desktop environments. It is available in two versions:

  • sepago Azure Monitor for Windows Virtual Desktop or
  • sepago Azure Monitor for Citrix Environments

If you use sepago Azure Monitor, you will receive detailed information about events and resource requirements of user sessions of all workstations in your company or in the cloud. Your IT department will learn more about the performance status of the IT infrastructure through its analyses. A lot of data is included in the monitoring:

  • How high is the CPU utilization in your corporate network?
  • Are trends in user activities, such as load peaks, visible?
  • How high is the utilization of storage space?
  • How do performance indicators such as bandwidth, latency and transfer volume move? Are limit values being exceeded?
  • Is the network stable or do network anomalies occur?


A summary of the most important features: The sepago Azure Monitor for WVD or Citrix Environments

  • provides a detailed data analysis also for historical data for the exact allocation of incidents.
  • requires no infrastructure, e.g. in the form of dedicated computers.
  • uses a very slim Windows application of less than 2Mbyte.
  • runs on any remote desktop server and all Citrix virtual apps and desktop instances – including Windows 10 multi-session host.
  • anonymizes the user names.
  • monitors more than 24 performance counters and instances.
  • delivers more than 22 properties and performance data per session.
  • analyzes more than 36 properties and performance data per process.
  • stores and analyzes its data in Azure.
  • provides more than 50 preconfigured but customizable dashboards out-of-the-box.

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