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Whether in the cloud or in a dedicated data center for on-premise operation: the path to providing virtual workstations often brings with it many challenges. A guide is needed to keep you firmly on track and help you avoid any stumbling blocks.

The sepago Modern Workplace teams will guide you straight to the goal, with support at all stages of your journey, from drafting and implementation to operating new farms and optimizing existing structures.

Virtualization at the touch of a button?

When you know how it works…

When searching for increased efficiency and speed, we focus on automating processes while drawing on experience from over 20 years in the cloud business. We place particular importance here on technically innovative and economically sensible solutions.

An example? With pleasure: Our specially developed sepagoLogiX framework allows a Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops environment to be installed practically at the touch of a button.

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sepago as a solution finder…

During preparatory consultations and workshops, we take into account the initial situation and objectives, demonstrate possible solutions, and work with the client to design the architecture for the modern workplace. While doing this, we bear in mind, among other things:

  • On-prem, cloud or hybrid structure
  • Multiuser environment or VDI
  • Image management and provisioning
  • User profile management
  • Access management
  • Session management
  • Automation of the installation

track layer …

Following this, we create a concept that shows the previously developed architecture in detail and documents the design decisions that have been made.

…and companion for implementation

Once the concept has been accepted, our consultants begin the technical implementation of your virtualization projects, such as in the following areas:

  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (CVAD)
    • App Layering
    • Workspace Environment Management (WEM)
    • Machine Creation Services
    • Provisioning Services
  • Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)
  • Citrix on Azure and Citrix Cloud
  • Load Testing

At the end of the path lies a new path

Following the successful roll-out, we review the project with the client while ensuring a smooth transition of the new environment into normal operation. To make sure that this succeeds in the long term, we arrange training courses and workshops for the employees involved to provide a transfer of knowledge during and after the implementation.

New prospects often arise from this: Many clients hand over the management of their cloud solution to our Managed Services team.

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Sebastian Fugmann

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