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As an experienced service provider in the IT environment, we know from our own experience what change means. We experience every day what needs you have in IT and what needs your users have. Unfortunately, we frequently find that these internal clients have not been involved sufficiently.

Our aim:

A healthy IT culture for a healthy company

What are the consequences? The company goals are put at risk, the corporate culture suffers, employees leave the company. This is precisely where our service comes in: we have decades of experience at the interface of IT and humans and, as an IT service provider, we have experience and expertise in both areas: We can do IT and we can do culture (“great place to work”).

Make this comprehensive approach a success factor for your company, too: As a modern employer, you will be a, if not THE, crucial step ahead of others with this systemic approach.

5 tasks that go beyond IT challenges

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You want to save resources, gain speed, fire up networking—in short: secure competitive advantages

We are the right companion when it comes to achieving acceptance among users and thus the sensible use of collaborative tools and systems.

You and we both know: you can only exploit the potential of new technologies when these technologies are actually used. We know the methods and means that lead there and adapt them to your particular situation.


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You want to technically, procedurally, and mentally anchor current or future cyber security measures into your company

Our experience shows that the introduction of new software solutions is often associated with a change of process, and IT and end users require customized training and communication measures. We continually monitor the operation phase in a procedurally structured manner.

A comprehensive approach with employees from all of the affected departments and hierarchical levels leads to greater acceptance and understanding with regard to your cloud security. Beginning with creating the process for your SOC and coordination with the works council, to phishing and awareness campaigns for end users, we will provide you with reliable assistance!

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You want to make managers ambassadors for transformation

We have managerial experience ourselves and thus know what helps to best support you in this challenging and complex role.

We will work with you to find the pattern for success, highlight the topic areas that still hold potential, and develop with you the right steps on the path towards a “leadership” framework that supports your goals.


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You want to motivate your teams to exploit your entire potential

Are there new roles and tasks in your company and you have people who are set to become a new team? We have been working for almost 20 years with teams that largely work on a self-organized basis, and their ideas and expertise are a treasure trove for the sustainability of a company.

We clarify roles, expectations, and goals. We work with you to find the right principles of collaboration. We enable you to create a vibrant team with motivated and committed people.

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You want to adapt your working methods to new conditions or be a step ahead

You want to break new ground and are interested in the “modern workplace”? You want to become familiar with agile working yourself and find out whether this path is a good fit for you? You want to find out, far away from classic top-down KPIs, whether OKR will move your company forward? You want to find a new way for your employees, who mainly meet each other virtually while working from home, to cement their relationships in the team?

What are you waiting for? We’re ready.

We set ourselves clear goals so that you can achieve yours

Our philosophy is: we work successfully when we make ourselves superfluous in the medium term. Why? Because we are convinced that the solutions are always already present in the system itself. With our external viewpoint, we specifically look for existing best practices in your company and for ways to expand them.

We support you to the extent that is right for your development. We see ourselves as a partner and act in this manner. With you as a client and with your employees irrespective of hierarchies and roles.

The sepago Organizational Consulting offer at a glance

Companies with a healthy culture are companies with a healthy future

A company becomes vibrant and successful when the structural, procedural, and cultural characteristics match each other. It’s about a balanced mixture, the right path and the necessary rhythm. And it’s about the greatest potential that 21st century companies possess: healthy, efficient, and motivated employees who use their skills and ideas to make and keep the company sustainable, a culture of trust in which nothing that promises success is impossible.

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