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Technology is a provocative subject. An attractive subject.

Working from home and mobile working are subjects that no organization has been able to ignore, especially since spring 2020. But it wouldn’t have needed an event of this kind for that to be the case. Innovative cloud solutions have long been offering scope for flexible workplace concepts, opening up greater creative freedom, and enabling greater self-determination—the three pillars of a modern incentive system that leads to greater satisfaction and commitment among employees and talented young individuals in equal measure. Modern workplace concepts are thus among the most striking flagship projects in digitalization.

What takes top priority for you when it comes to the modern workplace?

Achieving more faster. Who doesn’t want that?

The modern workplace is one of the most personal and sustainable experiences with “digitalization”—generally speaking, this boost in innovation meets with an inquisitive and open-minded response. To make sure that this positive fundamental attitude is not drained by jumping back and forth between stand-alone solutions, it is essential that the modern workplace has a uniform, comprehensive, user-centered design with process chains that interlock seamlessly, with familiar user interfaces and simple, central login processes.


Productivity as a motivation booster

Achieving more faster and more easily. Modern tools such as Microsoft Teams are available to enable free, creative working in internal and external groups. Working together on documents, chatting with colleagues, managing projects easily, video conferences with the team—all of this can be put together so easily and effectively in the modern workplace that work not only makes more sense but is also (much) more enjoyable.

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Setting the correct course right from the beginning

As creative as it is to work in the modern workplace: it requires a technical and organizational structure. Stringent, clearly structured authorization management governs access from inside and out, while the clean setup ensures interaction with the available infrastructure. Taking a look at the big picture is what counts here.

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Bottlenecks are only acceptable in your wine rack

Tasks such as implementing and managing modern workplaces often arise in addition to the “normal” IT workload. sepago provides support in this area with highly specialized resources for the roll-out—up to several thousand workplaces.

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More fun and more identity as a competitive advantage

Through this special demonstration of commitment towards improving working conditions, companies also boost their attractiveness as an employer brand and thus their ability to be a magnet for new talented individuals and fresh ideas.

When are you giving your workplace an update?

When are you giving your workplace an update?

For some, the modern workplace is nothing more than a task—for us, it’s a passion. We believe that updating to a workplace 2.0 crucially improves the working conditions of every single employee and has a lasting positive influence on the productivity of the organization. THAT is our task.

What are your goals for transformation?

In one piece, from one source, in one go

Like the transition from horse-drawn vehicles to automobiles, the question is not whether the modern workplace will become established but rather for how long a classic working environment will still be able to keep up with the growing demand for greater productivity, commitment and personal responsibility. Shaping this fundamental transformation of organizations is one of our core competencies.


We are not theorists, we have both feet firmly in operational practice and support companies in all phases of the project, from planning and designing to introduction. And beyond.

Looking ahead

We don’t just think about optimization but also upscaling. What if the requirements increase, the organization grows?


Our specialists are experts in digitalization. They are in constant contact with the providers of modern cloud technologies and concentrate on reducing our clients’ workload to a minimum.


We love the moment when, after their first encounter with the modern workplace, you can see in the employees’ eyes how excited they are.

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