Modern working is the cultural asset of a new age

In a world in which the framework conditions change more quickly than large-scale weather patterns, “let’s continue as we are” or “we’ve always done things this way” can only deliver limited results. The comfort zone for retaining traditional working methods is becoming ever smaller.

New challenges demand new ways of thinking, new motivation, and new tools. Only when all three of these come together can the transition towards modern work organization be successful. This is precisely where we come in, as a bridge-builder between technology, innovation and working culture.

Where do you see your challenges when developing modern workplaces?

The (renewed) desire to get actively involved in the future

How great would it be to spark enthusiasm for action among employees? However, the transformation of business models or organizational structures often initially causes blockages. You would nevertheless like to have them participate in the change and shaping of the company. Our goal is to spark a desire for working with new technologies and new, optimized processes among your employees.

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Shaping the workplace of the future

The workplace of the future is always a combination of technical, organizational, and emotional elements. Greater diversity and freedom means greater responsibility and commitment. With more than 18 years of experience, sepago orchestrates perfect harmony between these dimensions.

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The “achieve more together” culture

Resistance is good! It acts as a supervisory body and needs to be accepted, taken seriously and broken down carefully, as at the end of transformation lies a desire for greater productivity in high-performance teams. This is not achieved by working against those involved but rather with them.

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Experts with finesse

Transformation is not a test setup for an alternative operating model. It is the path that companies take to maintain competitiveness. With a combination of experience, analytical data, and an empathic approach, sepago takes you on this road to success.

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Expertise as part of our core competence

The sustainability of the organization depends less on whether employees are provided with new tools and technologies, and more on whether they also exploit these opportunities. This is why we not only offer knowledge but also impart it—for an agile, self-learning organization.

What challenges do you want to tackle first?

Everyone is involved in cultural change

The subject of working culture is not situated in one
area of transformation. It is a cross-departmental function that runs through all
areas of the project. This knowledge also runs through
our services to establish a positive, productive
working environment—the new way to work.

What are the lightbulb moments in your organization?

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We direct the production of your success story

We actually feel really comfortable in the role of director. Besides the plan of what needs to be achieved, it’s also about coordinating all of the necessary components and connecting them to make a whole.


We create the right motivations so that your employees are involved in shaping the “new normal”.


Based on our extensive experience, we pursue a clear and focused “detect and act” approach (the “trial and error” phase is long behind us).


We connect the vision of better working with specific measures anchored into real-life operations to boost productivity and ensure greater enjoyment when working.


We motivate employees to actively take part in developing the organization over the long term.

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