Adoption & Change-Management

Recognizing connections in order to work together.

Transformation should not become a stress test for the organization. On the contrary. We are convinced that a transformation also releases creative forces at the process level. What’s important from our viewpoint is comprehensive adoption and change management, as modernizing the working environment has a hugely disruptive nature.

Processes are broken up and put back together again, that is the moment of change. Adoption is when the newly created courses of action are actually used. Change and adoption: a key moment in transformation.

What are your challenges in transformation?

You don’t have to convince a byte about transformation.

A byte doesn’t care whether it is moving within classic or innovative architecture, but a person does. The core task in transformation is a measurable improvement in the productive environment and the goal of change and adoption management is to take people along on this journey and convey the advantages of modern IT working environments to them.

Happy User

Working simply (and) better

Two words: “happy users”—that’s what we see in big letters in our mind’s eye when we think of the goal of transformation. Targeted process optimization and development taking into account those involved is essential here, as is stringent implementation.

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Commitment, transparency, and motivation

What matters is not just WHAT changes, but above all WHY and how the sum of the changes leads to process optimization. Where template-based self-services allow for faster implementation, employees gain greater opportunities for configuration—and also more responsibility. A clear project and communication plan with the user as a reference point—that is a key factor in the success of transformation.

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Capacity that thinks and grows with you

Our clients do not need anyone to tell them where they need to take action. They need someone who will specifically show them what to do. This is why we do not simply develop concepts and strategies regardless of the operational reality, but instead integrate ourselves as an actively involved component in the target organization. We make our personnel and intellectual capacity available for the whole journey—not just at the start.

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A new, agile IT culture

Transformation opens the door to a new IT culture. We empower employees to contribute their strengths to the organization and encourage them to get actively involved in establishing a new, agile IT culture. Solutions must naturally be used, but active thinking and acting is even better for the organization. We lay the foundations for this.

What aims are you pursuing with your transformation?

Change Management comes at the beginning, not the end

A coherent change management and adoption concept belongs at the beginning of a transformation project, not at the end. Ultimately, companies want to see results straight away and not just at some point in the future. We assist our clients with targeted measures long before they make the move into the cloud.

  • Roll-out management with the use of multipliers, training and communication
  • IT Process Consulting
  • Our workshop offers

How can we help with your data center transformation?

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sepago: Moderators (and mediators) of change

Finesse—this word accurately describes our approach. Although the aims of transformation are usually based on clear figures, it is the nuances that determine success. A transformation that serves no one is precisely that: useless.


We tackle our projects with a clear expectation: to improve the working conditions AND results of those involved.


We leave the calculating to the algorithms and take care of the people who work with them.


We are there when our clients need out advice and expertise—in person, approachable, and available.


We not only communicate specific and overarching goals but also help organizations to achieve them.

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