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Transformation is a task, not a natural event.

The data center is dead, long live the data center. The current discussion could be summarized something like this. Classic data center concepts are coming under huge pressure in view of the possibilities offered by innovative cloud solutions. However, this does not mean that “the data center” will disappear, but rather that the way in which data centers work will change in the future. This cloud transformation is not always easy, but it is always feasible. Many of our clients have expectations concerning their modern data center. My—our—task is to develop and implement the roadmap for transformation in the cloud together with our clients.

What are your plans for transformation?

We want what you want: a controlled transition to a new infrastructure.

In all of our enthusiasm when it comes to the cloud, we never forget that, in addition to clear IT requirements, it’s also about precise business objectives. And about people who need to be taken with us on the path towards transformation. “Taking with” is an important keyword: we are not a foreign body but instead collaborate with your teams, share our knowledge, and oversee organizational change towards creating an agile IT organization.

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Less complexity, more focus

We see digitalization as an opportunity for simplification: through standardization, unification, and automation based on scalable Microsoft Cloud services, we reduce the workload for the IT infrastructure and improve the predictability of IT costs.

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Harmonizing processes, organizations, and IT

A modern data center is also ultimately a place of fulfillment for individual IT services. This “change process” must also be reflected in the organization. In order for us to achieve the necessary level of agility, speed, and reactivity for unpredictable events, we develop the right organization for structures and procedures and provide orderly change management during the transition to new operating models.

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A clear course for transformation

We know all variants of the Microsoft Cloud solutions and draft a clear, comprehensive roadmap towards the ideal state we strive for. Within this, it is not important to us whether your goal is initially a data center backup or if you are already thinking about a data center exit.

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New knowledge for new perspectives

If transformations fail, it often happens late—when it transpires that not enough knowledge is available to keep the innovation process running. If the consultant leaves the company, they take the knowledge with them. This is NOT the sepago path. We bring fresh knowledge into the organization and enable IT to not only work with new solutions but also to think in new solutions.

What aims are you pursuing with your infrastructure transformation?

Strategy, consulting, implementation? Yes, exactly!

As “too many cooks spoil the broth”, we combine the areas of technology and organizational consulting for the specific implementation.

  • Strategy and design of the cloud data center workloads
  • Analysis of the value creation chain for process optimization
  • Compliance and security analysis for an active risk and incident
  • Take a look at sepago Cloud Solutions


How can we help with your data center transformation?

What makes sepago different? Good question…

The uniqueness of a company is difficult to put into words. To be honest—in the end, we impress with what distinguishes us the most. That is our employees, the sepagists.

Leading the way

Cloud projects always need someone to keep track of things and keep the team on course. This “someone” is us.

Pitching in

If necessary, we’ll take care of the complete implementation while taking into consideration the goal of your project.

Diving in

We immerse ourselves deep into your infrastructure until we have uncovered the secret of each and every bit.


We do everything we can to make sure your employees become as good as our experts.

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Sebastian Fugmann

Business Consultant

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