For a secure future: Proactive IT security solutions

Our many years of experience in the field of cyber security show: It is better to invest proactively and holistically in a sustainably secure infrastructure instead of waiting until you become a target yourself.

The available human and financial resources are usually limited, which is why they must be deployed in a targeted and needs-based manner.

To ensure that the notorious scarcity of resources does not become a problem for IT security, we are at your side as a partner – regardless of whether you are still at the very beginning or are already IT security professional.

When is it time to upgrade your cybersecurity?

At the highest level: With sepago to optimal IT security

sepago offers an extensive range of IT security services, from a cyber security check to sepagoSOC and sepago adapt. We help you check your IT infrastructure for vulnerabilities and bring your systems to the state of the art to prevent attacks and respond quickly to threats. With our customized solutions and in-depth expertise, we ensure a secure IT environment you can rely on.

Sepago Shield

The Balance Check for your IT security

Whether you are just starting out or already have an established security infrastructure, the CSC helps to assess how prepared your company is for the current challenges.  With the sepago Cyber Security Check (CSC), designed in cooperation with the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) and the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), we can answer exactly this question for you. In a defined cost and time frame, all aspects for an adequate defense of your company are examined in a risk-oriented manner.

The aim of the CSC to enable you, as the person responsible for the protection of the company, to know vulnerabilities and to be able to remedy them in a targeted manner by assessing their severity.

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From A for Authentication to Z for Zero Trust

Every organization is different. And yet there are principles and tools that every organization can use for itself, such as the Zero Trust concept. Following this principle, we have created a proven path into Microsoft 365 Security solutions for our customers. That is why we offer the sepago Deep Dives. The result is a roadmap created specifically for you that shows the clear path to a secure IT environment.


Status quo put to the test

In the sepago Security Assessment, we look at your environment from the perspective of a potential attacker. In addition to the technical examination of e.g. the client security environment, we place great emphasis on knowledge transfer/awareness generation.

In joint workshops, we ensure that everyone develops the same understanding of the current cyber threat situation and, in cooperation with your experts, identify possible attack vectors in your company.

To reduce the threats that have been made visible as efficiently as possible, we work with you to develop a prioritized list of measures that you can use as a basis for further planning. This way, you are one step ahead of attackers!

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Trust is good, SOC is better

Optimal protection of infrastructure, endpoints, identities, SaaS applications, and data is the declared goal of all IT security efforts. With the sepago Security Operations Center, we help you to master the daily security operation and to react quickly and targeted to attacks. We achieve this through the interplay of permanent consulting in the ever-changing cloud world, our in-depth expertise in securing multi-tier technologies, and our customer focus.

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sepago adapt - new processes for higher IT security

sepago adapt ensures that your security team can follow the right processes for your organization at any given time. This ensures that solutions like Microsoft 365 Defender Suite can reach their full potential and strengthen your organization’s security status.

When do you make sure your data is secure?

Protection for your business - We make it our concern!

For some companies, cybersecurity is just another item on the to-do list – for us at sepago, it’s a passion. We believe that a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy not only keeps the organization safe but also builds trust with customers and business partners. That’s why we work hard to provide you with the best possible solutions for your cybersecurity needs. This is our promise to you.

  • Increasing IT security through long-lasting support
  • Full IT security no matter if cloud, own data center, or endpoints
  • Security operations – so you can concentrate on your business
  • Incident Response – in good hands in case of emergency
  • Proactive security – identify and avoid potential threats at an early stage

When do you start protecting your IT infrastructure?


At sepago, we offer individual solutions for your IT security challenges. We analyze your requirements, advise you on the best options and implement the appropriate measures.


We are ready for any emergency. We respond quickly and professionally to security incidents. We help our customers recover and protect their systems.


We focus on a sustainable and lasting increase of your IT security that goes beyond the mere application of the latest tools.


We are more than just an IT service provider: we are your sparring partner, your coach, and your advisor for IT security.

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Anja Krumkamp

IT-Security Sales

Protect your data in the modern work environment! Let’s talk about cybersecurity.

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