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They say digitization is turning everything upside down. But there is one constant that is often “simply taken as a given”: the desktop (!) is the center of productivity. It is the access road to every digitization highway. Reason enough to take a closer look at the desktop, or more precisely virtual desktops. We do, and do so with great pleasure. Virtualization has been one of our core competencies for more than 20 years. Based on Citrix and Microsoft technologies and our complementary services, we lay the foundation for fast, highly scalable and very easy-to-manage VD concepts.

Standardized desktops worldwide at the push of a button? Exactly!

We make more with less: complexity down, speed up

Azure Virtual Desktop provides the basis for a standardized IT and application structure without having to invest in new servers in the event of growth, and without image creation, app packaging or app deployment. If new employees need to be quickly equipped with the appropriate solutions, or newly incorporated companies need to be integrated into the standard IT, this can be implemented with AVD at the touch of a button. And IT once again becomes a stepping stone towards greater productivity rather than a bottleneck curbing growth ambitions.

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Automated provisioning of productive environments

The controlled upscaling desktop from the cloud: sepago ensures the automatic rollout of your own desktop with the help of Azure Virtual Desktop and its own complementary services. This in turn allows all your employees to work on the same, always up-to-date version in a secure environment, regardless of location and end device.

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Getting to the point quickly rather than experimenting endlessly

Workplace virtualization is one of the first services we offered. This longstanding experience allows us to quickly identify what is required to put virtualization concepts into practice. We don’t come with ready-made concepts, but we do create quickly scaling workplace features based on your requirements and our know-how.

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Knowing what and where the critical controls are

Azure Virtual Desktop already offers many options for standard workstations. If desired, we can complement these services with our own offerings such as powerful Azure monitoring, our scaling tool or cost-effective sizing solutions from our portfolio.

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The “same as before, only better” effect

The rollout of desktop environments on a large scale quickly becomes a litmus test for the stability of the IT concept. We know from our own experience that employees react very sensitively to change. Users are the decisive sensors for us – their feedback provides us data that very quickly shows us where there is still room for improvement.

Azure Virtual Desktop – What do you want to know?

Virtualization in practice: What you can expect from sepago...

Apart from electric loppers, there are few technical products that constitute a singular phenomenon or that could not be understood as part of a networked environment. We also take this (obvious) truth into account with our Azure Virtual Desktop portfolio, in keeping with the motto “may be possible individually but is much better holistically”.

  • Planning and implementation of complex AVD environments
  • Integration into the existing local IT infrastructure
  • Cost-effective operation with sepago’s AVD products
  • Optimizing the solution in terms of security and user requirements
  • Easy scaling of the environment through a high degree of automation

How can we support your growth objectives?

“born to be wild” or “born to virtualize”

A bit of both. Enthusiasm is good, but you should keep in mind that IT is not an end in itself. We, in any case, do so. IT should facilitate people’s work and motivate them. This requires not only technical expertise, but also a real feel for the sensitivities of those who are about to enter new work environments. That’s why we are never merely “IT partners”, but always associates on an equal footing underway towards an (exciting) future.


IT is no longer a matter of messing about with soldering irons. This is where the foundations are laid to make an organization fit for the future. sepago does just that, ensuring an effective transformation process with progressive solutions and approaches.


The biggest IT failures happen when the protagonists do not talk or respond to each other. That’s why we, too, are as open as a book when it comes to getting to know you, your goals and your visions.


As soon as we have agreed on the objective, we move on to the implementation phase with a clearly defined task. Our ample practical experience helps us work quickly to achieve the results defined by the project team.


We see high-performance, modern IT and employee satisfaction as being closely linked. That’s why standardized work environments are also a piece of home: the customary desktop, the familiar apps. We lay the foundations for uniform, motivating and high-performance working environments, anywhere and anytime.

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