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It is not just the modern workplace that is changing; attackers are also continuously developing and are finding ever new and more sophisticated ways to attack. We can’t afford to be complacent—we will support you with a comprehensive approach from the presentation of new security solutions to the operationalization itself.

We bundle our strengths to prevent attackers from getting their grip on you

As strong partners to Microsoft, especially in the context of the secure and modern workplace, our experts round off the innovative and leading security solutions from Microsoft with individual consulting tailored to the respective client scenarios. Starting with specific use cases, we create a target vision based on best practices and completed client projects.

Through this concentration, we achieve the optimum balance between security on the one side and practicability on the other, such as for the following use cases:

  • Incident response with the help of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MDE)
  • Overview of the endpoints in applications within the company and their update status with regard to known vulnerabilities (CVEs)
  • Anti-phishing with the help of Microsoft Defender for Office365 (MDO)
  • Identification and combatting of lateral movements
  • Identification and blocking of unwanted SaaS applications
  • Identity protection with the help of Microsoft Defender for Identity (MDI)
  • Automatic classification and encryption of documents based on previously defined characteristics

If you prefer, we are happy to first implement these use cases in a test environment. We thus find the ideal configuration for your requirements in order to optimally protect you and your employees.

Operationalization—efficiency through automation

Once our experts have implemented the right security solutions with you, this is followed by a further, very important step in operationalization.

With our operationalization workshops, we get your employees ready and share our expertise in the three practical areas that are crucial for success:

Icon The targeted handling of tools and dashboards

The targeted handling of tools and dashboards

Icon The distinction between false positives and “real” alerts

The distinction between false positives and “real” alerts

Icon The identification and use of automation potential

The identification and use of automation potential

Security is everyone’s concern—not just IT

The introduction of new security solutions is often associated with a transition: familiar solutions are replaced with new options—old interfaces are changed or completely removed. Cross-departmental collaboration in the company becomes all the more important.

We also support you at an organizational level and continuously monitor the change process with our structured planning concept. A comprehensive approach involving all employees from the affected departments and hierarchical levels leads to a high level of acceptance and understanding with regard to introducing the Microsoft Security solutions.

As we all understand each others’ viewpoints, the departments work together more efficiently, the rollout runs more smoothly and the Microsoft Security Suite can be used to full benefit.

Ansprechpartner Anja Krumkamp
Anja Krumpkamp

IT-Security Sales

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