Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Value Add Products
Efficient cloud desktops with smart management, analysis & optimization tools

Understanding WVD and getting more out of it - sounds interesting?

With sepago tools, you:

  • analyze where the performance of your Windows Virtual Desktop environment can be improved.
  • enable users to start and deallocate their own personal VDIs running in WVD
  • control WVD resources on demand and save cash.
  • configure and manage your Windows Virtual Desktops quickly and easily.

sepago Azure Monitor for WVD

The agent for Azure Monitor is a powerful monitoring and analysis tool that automatically collects, analyzes, and combines key KPIs from Microsoft or Citrix-based remote desktop environments. It is available in two versions:

  • sepago Azure Monitor for Windows Virtual Desktop
  • sepago Azure Monitor for Citrix Environments

Your IT department learns more about the performance status of the IT infrastructure from the analyses. A lot of data flows into the monitoring, among other things:

  • How high is the CPU utilization in your corporate network?
  • Are there any trends in user activity, such as peak loads?
  • How high is the utilization of the storage space?
  • How do performance indicators such as bandwidth, latency and transfer volume move? Are thresholds exceeded?
  • Is the network stable or do network anomalies occur?

Let users start and deallocate their personal VDIs on their own and save money

VDI Starter for WVD is a self-service portal to let users start and deallocate there own personal VDI’s running in Windows Virtual Desktop.

Users can easily log on to the web app using their Azure AD credentials. The personal assigned VDI’s are listed can be switched on or off. Switching off deallocates the VDI in Azure and avoids unnecessary costs.

SAving money with sepago VDI Starter

sepago Azure Autoscale

Only pay as much cloud as is actually used: Azure Autoscale is a cloud-based central control tool for your cloud resources. It is usable for:

  • Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops in Azure

The solution learns the behavior of your users with the help of AI and actively logs sessions on or off at the right time.

Your advantage?

  • Preventive: Predict and prepare the right number of session leaders before users attempt to log in.
  • Scalable: Based on actual workloads in the past, the system has learned to scale the number of session leaders exactly as needed.
  • Flexible: Weekends and holidays with different workloads are intelligently taken into account.
  • Effective: Users separated from the system are actively logged off according to predefined rules.
  • Cost-saving: Only the cloud resources actually used are charged. The virtual machines in the cloud environment are no longer paid according to “time on”.

Azure Admin for Windows Virtual Desktops (WVD)

Simple and fast WVD management in a native GUI with just a few clicks: Our freeware tool for the Windows Virtual Desktop simplifies many configuration and administration processes:

  • Add, edit and delete host pools
  • Add, edit and delete application groups
  • Add, edit and delete application and desktop (you can add a new app with the Windows file-open-dialog)
  • Add a list of users to applications or a desktop (separated by ; )
  • Send messages to a single user and users on a specific session host
  • Logoff single users or all users of a specific session host
  • Start and deallocate session hosts (the Azure VM behind)
  • Delete session hosts and the VMsin Azure including disk and nic
  • Create an image of a template VM without destroying the template
  • Rollout a number of new session hosts based on a template image – including domain join and WVD installation and registration (comparable to Citrix MCS)

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