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Presentation – NetScaler goes cloud

A couple of month ago, I was ask to deploy some cloud-based NetScalers. Some are hosted on Azure and some on AWS (Amaton Web Services). I thought that this is an interessting solution and so I decided to build a slide deck and talk about what I figured out. Last weekend I went to the E2EVC convention in Rome (more here) and had my firt session about the deployment of Citrix NetScaler on cloud-based infrastructure.

My presentation will show you:

  •  General thoughts
  •  Differences between NetScaler on AWS and on Azure
  • Some Limitations

You can download the presentation here.

A big thank you to E2EVC team for the great trip. See you all in Prague! I’m planing some load testing of cloud-based NetScalers and I hope that I can present the results within my next presentation.