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Updated: Azure Log Analytics Agent for Citrix and Microsoft RDS – Version

Over the last year I built a solution to monitor Citrix and RDS environment focused to the user behavior. The agent is focused on events, performance consumption, network activities and more regarding each user’s IT experiences. Workers in this context are Windows Remote Desktop Server, XenApp Servers and of course Windows Client VDI’s (XenDesktop) – in a cloud, on-premises or hybrid.

An important point is: There is no other infrastructure needed: No SQL server, no windows server. Nothing else! The data are saved and analyzed in Azure. And second: The solution is free to be used – You only need an Azure subscription and pay for the uploaded data.

In the last months I got a lot of positive feedback and suggestions. I’m happy to announce that I have put these suggestions into code and provide the new version now.

You can download the improved agent at http://loganalytics.sepago.com/download.html

Feel free to use it.