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Webinar: Full control of the cloud with Azure Operations Management Suite and Log Analytics – security, performance and scalability of solutions

On February 1st I had the chance to give a webinar focused on Azure OMS Log Analytics. Log Analytics is Microsoft’s big-data solution in Azure.

This is the introduction:

OMS log Analytics is “the” big-data solution by Microsoft in the Azure cloud. The OMS agent uses log Analytics as the storage for the metrics and data of the monitored infrastructures and solutions. The analytics engine enables administrators to evaluate the collected data with predefined and customized dashboards.

The webcast shows how to use PowerShell to collect data, upload them and build one´s own solutions (including views and dashboards). An analysis of the performance of RDS and Citrix sites completes the webinar.

  • Creating an OMS workspace for Log Analytics
  • Change the retention time of data
  • Data preparation: Log Analytics search syntax
  • Upload data with PowerShell (custom logs)
  • Create your own views and dashboard
  • Examples


The webinar is recorded in German language and accessible via this link (open in Edge/Internet Explorer):


PowerPoint at: