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Igel DISRUPT and why to join

I’m often asked by people which event is a must and what to attend. So I decided to write a post about an event which I attended the past two years. It is called DISRUPT hosted by Igel and it takes place again on February 4th-6th 2020 in Munich.

But why is it the best EUC event you should join in Germany? Let me explain it to you.

The very first DISRUPT, which was also my first one, was in 2018 located in Bremen. Back then it was smaller and an event which was mainly focused on Igel products. Nevertheless, the community spirit was already in place and Igel understood how to gather EUC-interested folks and make it a really good event. I also had the opportunity to become an Igel certified engineer by attending a very interesting session about Igel OS, UMS and Gateway. Taking an online exam afterwards was the last step to get certified and a great achievement as a result of attending an event.

The second DISRUPT took place 2019 in Munich. Locating it in Munich was a smart move because the location is much bigger, nicer and it is possible to have different sessions at the same time. Igel did a great job to get awesome people from the community on stage talking about EUC stuff, Igel OS, UMS and Gateway. I saw a lot of really useful sessions at DISRUPT in Munich and an impressive virtual reality use case with an Igel Thin Client, a GPU based server, presented by Thomas Poppelgaard and Fredrik Brattstig. The exhibition hall was a good meeting point to have (deep) technical conversations with vendors, partners and folks from the community.

In both years we had awesome panel discussions with Doug Brown, Thomas Poppelgaard, Benny Tritsch, Esther Barthel, Jim Moyle and myself, which were really fun to participate in. Everyone from the community was able to ask questions about EUC, Igel or anything else. This year this will also be possible and you can even hand in your questions beforehand.

If you are interested in Igel, EUC, Microsoft, Citrix and especially being part of the community you definitely have to join this event. You will get quite an impressive amount of information regarding brand new trends in IT and I can personally recommend the sessions announced for the DISRUPT 2020 in Munich. If you still need reasons to convince your boss about going to this event, Igel has even prepared a letter. You can check it out here.

Join Igel DISRUPT at: www.disrupteuc.com and use the promo code CarstenBrunsDisrupts for 20% off!