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Windows Virtual Desktop Administration

Sometimes it helps to have a native GUI to make some configuration. Therefore I build a tool to do this and last night I finished the project (in the current version) and provide it as a community tool for WVD.


The current version supports a lot of configuration and administration capabilities. You can:

  • Add, edit and delete host pools
  • Add, edit and delete application groups
  • Add, edit and delete application and desktop (you can add a new app with the Windows file-open-dialog)
  • Add a list of users to applications or a desktop (separated by ; )
  • Send messages to a single user and users on a specific session host
  • Logoff single users or all users of a specific session host
  • Start and deallocate session hosts (the Azure VM behind)
  • Delete session hosts and the VMsin Azure including disk and nic
  • Create an image of a template VM without destroying the template
  • Rollout a number of new session hosts based on a template image – including domain join and WVD installation and registration (comparable to Citrix MCS)
  • and some more things

Try and download it from here.