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Monitoring End-User Computing Environments with Azure OMS LogAnalytics with „Deploy to Azure“

Several months ago, I built a solution focused on monitoring the user experiences on remote desktop environments based on Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop and Microsoft RDS. Particularly RDS/RDP was imported because there is no solution from Microsoft.

End-user computing environments are complex and not easy to monitor. The most common monitoring solutions are focused on typical server parameters like CPU and memory consumption, free disk space and so on. But administrators need more insight into the parameters responsible for the user experience like bandwidth,

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Azure Global Bootcamp 2017

On April 22 the annual Azure Boot Camp event took place worldwide. I was happy to be a part of this important event in 2017. I decided to talk about one of my favorite Azure technologies: Azure OMS Log Analytics. I held my presentation in Lingen in a very pleasant atmosphere at it.emsland. At this point: Thanks to @sql_williamd for the organization 🙂

My topic was “Azure OMS Log Analytics – Big-data-as-a-Service” and the presentation focused on Log Analytics.

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Webinar: Full control of the cloud with Azure Operations Management Suite and Log Analytics – security, performance and scalability of solutions

On February 1st I had the chance to give a webinar focused on Azure OMS Log Analytics. Log Analytics is Microsoft’s big-data solution in Azure.

This is the introduction:

OMS log Analytics is „the“ big-data solution by Microsoft in the Azure cloud. The OMS agent uses log Analytics as the storage for the metrics and data of the monitored infrastructures and solutions. The analytics engine enables administrators to evaluate the collected data with predefined and customized dashboards.

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Use Azure OMS Log Analytics to monitor Custom Applications / Infrastructures: Citrix Workers

Azure OMS offers with Log Analytics a big data analysis cloud service. It comes with an agent to collect different data on Windows and Linux systems. It can also be combined with Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM). The collected data can be visualized by adding solutions from a gallery, searching the log with its own syntax and building custom views. Solutions from the gallery can be: AD Replication Status, Change Tracking and many more.

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Create MSOMS Workspace for LogAnalytics Premium plan or change it from Standalone to Premium with PowerShell – Data retention 1 year

I use Microsoft Azure Log Analytics as a big data service. For example, I’m developing an agent for Citrix Worker to collect a mass of performance data for each worker in a farm. Performance data are: Different bandwidth consumption per user, running processes with memory and cpu usages, session data, logon data, etc. The agent uploads these data to Log Analytics and a custom dashboard shows different statistics and allows a capacity management of Citrix farms.